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Posted: April 5, 2011 in About us
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Type one above Type two below

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These are the faces of two of the types of creatures I have video taped.

The images were caught on one of the first hidden surveillance cameras available. I took these images in 1996 to
1999. I first began to film my bedroom because I would awake to see small machines in the room and on many occasions there would be needle holes in my skin. I discussed what I had been seeing with my wife and a physiologist, I though maybe I was loosing my mind. The physiologist believed that I was having lucid dreams and he said there is nothing to worry about.

After the physical marks began to show I sought help of a different kind. I had a friend who owns a security company and I reluctantly told him the story and he suggested installing the hidden camera. He loaned it to me for about 6 months, It took hours of watching the nightly films and at first I saw nothing , however one day I new something had happened because not only did I see something but I had some needle holes in my chest and blood on my tee-shirt. I watched the film but saw nothing so in frustration I hit the remote control and it stopped on a face. The face looked left and right and was gone. The face was on just a few frames. In video there are 30 frames per second recorded so these creatures were moving outside of normal time. They did whatever to me in fractions of a second.


UFO photographed over my home

Posted: April 3, 2011 in UFO


This is a UFO that I photographed over my home January 4th 2011. I was doing some tests of my Pentax Kx digital camera. I did not see the object at the time that I took the picture.