Christianity and the Alien Agenda

Posted: April 5, 2011 in About us
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This is an email I have sent to several ministries

My name is Gary. I have an important story to tell you and I hope this email will reach you. I was raised in a Pentecostal church and have tried my best in the beginning to serve the Lord, however some things have happened to me that caused me to falter and
to almost loose my faith.

An Encounter with the Lord

I am going to tell you something that is almost unbelievable but it is true and I have photographic evidence to prove what I am about to tell you. First let me tell you who I am or was, I was a Fire Prevention officer for the city of Bakersfield California.Before this I worked for Shell Oil Company for nine years. I lost my job at shell and was unemployed for a year, so I began to fast and pray and at the end of ten days God spoke to me. It was 1 am in the morning. God asked me to go out and pray for the workmanship of my neighbors hands, so I said to God “ I’ll do it in the morning”. God’s voice said “pray for the neighbor”. And I said “I will in the morning please let me sleep.” Again God said “do it now or I will not let you sleep”.So I got up, got dressed, and went to my front door and said “God if that is really you, make him turn on his front porch light”. and the light came on. So I walked out into the street and said again just one more time “Lord if that is you make him come out to me and the door opened and he came out”. He was shocked and said “Gary what are you doing out here?” and I said “you probably will not believe me but God told me to pray for you” and I said I would in the morning but he said “no do it now” And my neighbor said “well you couldn’t pray for me in the morning because I am leaving at 4:30 a.m. for 3 months to attend a school for a new business I have just bought.” So I prayed for the man.

Why God?

The next morning I was in the shower praying God. I asked, “why God?” I fasted for ten days and you wake me to pray to for the neighbor. I was feeling down, sad, and depressed and I said what are you going to do for me? And God said “I am going to give you a job. In 3 days the fire department will call you and offer you a job”. And I said “What will happen then” and God replied “You will work there for ten years”. Then I said “what will happen then” and He said “You will work in the oil fields again”. Again I asked,”how long”, and He said “one year” and I said “What will happen then?” And God replied “You will do my work.” And I asked “What about the aliens?” and God said “That will take care of itself.” In three days the fire department called me and offered me a job and I worked there for ten years. I was injured at work and they retired me. I latter learned that two of the captains in the office had told the chief they thought he should not hire me. God’s will can not be stopped. I then found a job in the oilfield as a safety manager for a year where I saved several men’s lives and then I am here for the past ten years.

The Little Men Get Daddy and Sara

During my time at the fire department we went to Washington State to take a vacation and look for a better place to live and maybe a new job. The city was having budget problems and the Chief advised all Prevention Officers to look for a job. We stayed in a small five person trailer. The first night, there was a bright light in the trailer. When we came home, my 3 year old daughter did not want to go out side after dark. I asked her what was wrong and she told me “the little men get daddy and Sara”. I asked her what little men and she pointed towards a large willow tree in our front yard and I said there are no men in the tree. She began to cry and kick me I was holding her in my arms she said “No, No … the little men from lights get daddy and Sara in the trailer”. She pointed to the night sky.

There were other things that had happened in my child hood and my teen years that later would tell me they had been active most of my life but I never really connected the dots.

The Alien Encounter

About a year latter I was attacked by a fellow co-worker and was suffering from post traumatic stress. I saw a family councilor and he suggested hypnosis. Hypnosis is like closing your eyes and listening to someone talk. You make a safe place in your mind like a waterfall or a garden and you go there to relax. After two weeks of this, the councilor said okay get in that state of relaxation, and I did. He said. now “we are going to work on these feelings” and he said “I want you to focus on the first time you had these feelings of anger and worry”. Immediately I was in a dark room with a large seven foot tall purple Alien. Its head was two and a half feet long and very thin ,his eyes were large black and almond shaped.  I could not look directly at his face without trembling
uncontrollably. Now I am not bragging, but I was trained by Glen Hoyen in Okinawa-tee Karate. I was equal to a second degree brown belt and had the fighting skills of a black belt. I used to train police officers where I used to live and was a very proficient street fighter. I was afraid of no man. However this creature struck such fear in me that I could not control my legs.

So I looked at its chest and grabbed it by the arms and said “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” The creature just tilted its head as a dog would (when you whistle at it). So again I said “ I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” The creature pulled its left hand free and touched me with its finger on the right side of my head. In my mind I saw two of its long fingers locked together pulling apart slowly and I heard (telekinetically) in my mind …“We are brothers” “The Lie”

The alien told me, in my mind, “You don’t understand”. “We are God“. He said that he was sorry. Then as he touched me with his left hand on my right temple using his index finger, (which was longer, about seven to eight inches with a slight bump on it where the finger print would be).

At that moment, I could see two index fingers like his, one left, one right, clasping as they would if you are going to pull someone by your finger and his finger only. I heard in my head his voice speaking to me. It began to say again “We . . . Are . . . Brothers … Do Not Fear, I am sorry”.

I did not see the creature’s lips move instead I heard an audible voice in my head. Each time I would try to go deeper into the trance, I saw him his dark black eyes staring at me. They seemed to peer into my soul examining my intents; I felt that they were to be able to judge the hidden currents of my life’s search for meaning, for GOD, and the truth just as an experienced white water canoeist searches the raging river for the true course. (The devil will appear as an angle of light) 2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

More Vivid Memories Surface

Over the next few months I recovered more memories. I decided, Randy the councilor who was helping me must be kept in the dark, fearing what he might think. The next images were of a dimly lit room and in the center of this room was a hologram or some type of three-dimensional image. It appeared to be a stratified cloud that was flattened on top and bottom, and it slowly rotated counter clockwise. I saw flashes of light coming from its faint blue center, then small round black objects appeared forming circles around the center, with one or two black objects per circle. I believe this was the image of our solar system in birth. No words were spoken, we, both the alien and I, just stood there, he on one side, me on the other. Together we watched as the mystery began to unfold.

I was taken to an observation room, and from there I could see a planet in the distance drawing closer and closer. No moon was visible in the star lit expanse of space. The planet had only one land mass, which looked like Africa or South America except it was two and one halftimes larger, stretching almost from pole to pole of the planet. The land was surrounded by an ocean as blue as ours and I did not see any islands in the sea. As we neared the planet, mountains became visible in the cloudless sky and the land looked like a desert. There were light patches of green on and near the mountains. The area in which we landed was on one side of the sea, and on the other side were flat lands and mountains, forming a crescent, that sheltered the complex that, at points, is
built into it.

Deeper Memories Surface

My next memory is of standing in a very long room that resembled an aircraft control tower which had the appearance of a military installation. The windows were ten feet tall and sloped outward, from the bottom to the top, running the entire span of the room, which was about one hundred and twenty feet in length. In front of the window was a control panel of some type that stretched the length of the room and was tilted down at about a forty-five degree angle. It contained dials and colored lights that blinked on and off. The entire room was constructed of a material that resembled brushed aluminum. I did not see what or who was behind me, I only felt that two aliens were there, holding my elbows, restraining my movement. Their grip was cold, almost mechanical, and harsh; it reminded me of the exoskeleton of an insect. They did not allow me to turn my body right or left, only to turn my head side to side. As I looked to my right, about thirty to forty feet from me standing at parade rest, was a single tall very thin five-eight foot alien soldier. I would estimate his weight at one hundred pounds. He was wearing a black uniform that was form fitting at the wrists and had a turtle neck type collar and was outfitted with black military stile boots. On his head he wore a military or police style hat with a small shiny brim, like Nazi SS and 1930-40 motor cycle police wore. There was a patch or chevron of some type on the left shoulder and I could not make out the markings because of the distance. It was colored gold or yellow and had a symbol on it. As I looked at him, I saw that he wore some type of pistol on his left hip and, as I watched him with his hands behind his back, I felt he did not like me. I felt his anger. I felt that he would like to harm me. I could feel his thoughts of contempt for me because he felt I was violating his holy place, a sacred place. His face showed no expression. He had large, black, almond-shaped eyes and three lumps or ridges that ran up his forehead, between his eyes, starting at the top of his nose to about three inches above it. Each ridge was parallel to the others, one on top of the other. He stood motionless, watching me with his peripheral vision out of his left eye.

A View of “Their Location”

While I was in this room, I have no recollection of him looking directly at me. I felt that he was there as security, as a show of authority, of power. As I looked out the large window, I could see some type of airport with crafts landing. It had three parallel landing strips. The one in the center was longest near the end, and at either side, were two long buildings that resembled Quonset huts, with their domed roofs punctuated with large raised sections giving them a wash board look. To the left and North of the runway floating silently 20-30 feet off the ground, was massive a half mile to three fourths mile square pyramid. The top most pointed section of the pyramid was made of a transparent substance and in the center of that section was an eye shaped spot light that shown out on the country side as it rotated counter clockwise like the light of a light house. The spot light itself was made of some type of chrome or polished material. The sight of this reminded me of the picture on the back of the U.S. dollar bill.
Under the pyramid and at each corner, was a single palm tree with three or four palm branches growing out of the top. In the next scene, I stood facing a wall at the base of the mountain on which the complex had been built. This wall was built of these large stones, eight or twelve-foot long and five feet tall. The wall was laid out in a brick fence fashion, one stone over lapping the next. I did not think to look at the full height of the wall however it was over three rows of stones tall. There positioned in front of me next to the wall, was an area of focus and to each side of the area were some shrubs and grass and in the center of the wall, carved into one of the large stones, illuminated by two small bullet shaped spot lights was a symbol that looked like a boat propeller which, at each blade underneath, had the edge cut off to form a straight edge, which point to the blade under it. It remined me of the German swastika. The alien behind me said “This is how our civilization is built, this generation builds on this generation builds on this generation” and I could see in my mind a hand arcing a little then a little more, until it formed a circle. This was done twice. Then he said “not as your civilization; killing, robbing, and raping for selfish gain, and for ego. We have no wars or things of this type here.” I glanced down at my feet to see what the ground looked like. It looked no different from the Earth. Sand, dirt, and small rocks. I thought, briefly, of running. However, now that I think of it, where would I have run to?

More Details of the Landscape

It was then that I noticed what I was wearing; I was dressed in a white robe that had a high collar, with a gold border one and a half to two inches wide running around the edge of the entire garment. It was tied together with a gold belt of the same type at the waist. On my feet were white sandals. As I looked up, I glanced at the huge pyramid, and there, just behind it and next to the mountain, located to the right or east, were structures which looked like sky scrapers. Some of the structures were facing upright, and some were parallel to the ground. They were built inside a glass bubble that conformed to the shape of the objects. This entire structure was floating in the sky, about two hundred or three hundred feet above the desert floor. I could only see part of it, as it was partially behind the mountain with about one eighth of a mile of it sticking out to the side facing west. I asked “Does anyone live there?” I was told about a million souls.

The Return to a Destroyed Earth

From that point in time I was back in the space ship. As I looked out the view port, we entered our solar system, and the first planet I saw was Saturn. I could see the rings of the large planet of as we flew underneath them, it was so silent and graceful as the ship banked right and passed within miles of the planets surface, past Mars next I believe, we were moving very fast and all that I saw was the color orange red. The Earths blue orb broke the darkness of space as we slowed then began to enter the earth’s atmosphere.
We approached the east coast, and the night sky was dark. I thought to myself, why are they taking me here, I live on the other coast. As we drew closer, I could see low lying smoke, then skyscrapers torn in half. Their concrete foundations ripped from the ground that held them firm and the statue of Liberty torn and broken lying on her side in the water. I thought to my self what could have happened? I saw no fire. No one on the ground performing rescue. No sign of life. I asked “Is anyone alive?” “Did anyone survive?” “No, no on survies.” “All?” I inquired, softly. “Yes, all” “No one survived.” They told me. I began to weep hysterically, the tears did not slowly creep up on me, the feelings were instantaneous, a feeling of terrible loss, one in which there are no words that I can say that would effectively describe the sorrow I felt. I tried to go on, to ask when. When would this happen? The numbers 9-11 came to me. This was in 1996 I have a tape recording of me talking to a hypnotist about this. I believe that the attacks were to signal to me that the end was beginning.

The New World

After this, a (human looking) person with me, showed me a new world; one like Star Trek. There were new cities and transportation tubes underneath the sea going from New York to Europe. The Alien face in purple was now on an ornate display stand, and the man with me told me he loved me and was sorry I had to see this, but that it had to happen to bring in the new world I was seeing.

You have to understand I almost lost my faith because of what happened to me.

I prayed about this for many years and one night

I saw my bedroom full of 7 foot tall Angels

One (of them) stepped forward and he looked like Jesus. He said that some of the aliens were the fallen angles and that they were working with the worlds governments to bring forth the Antichrist. He said it will not be like the church has taught, the aliens will be part of the end times and the Antichrist will only be revealed after the deception. (e.g. the “strong delusion”) I believe that when God cast Satan into the world. that he and the fallen angles lost their angelic powers but not their intellect. I believe they have been here since the garden (Garden of Eden) manipulating the world through technology, and (through) some men who serve them. These men may or may not know who they are dealing with. These creatures have technology on their side they also have the ability to control time itself. It would be easy to fool a scientist they are our governments high priests and they deal in repeatable scientific fact . We know that Satan is very inelligent the word says he would deceive the whole world if it were possible. He knows what God knows he understands all physics. I am writing this that whoever may need to know that you are not alone if you have been abducted and you do not ned to doubt God. He has not forsaken for Reading

Gary L.

in Jesus Name

When the scripture says that God would have to cut the Great Tribulation short,
or no flesh would be saved, you can bet this is an “understatement”.

  1. kbelani says:

    Hello, hope you are well

    I have news for you.

    here in Chile born a prophet who used to talk with father Jehovah, all his conversations are written in scroll papers more than 4000. you should take a look at them. Briefly there father father Jehovah says when satan was kicked out of the kingdom of heavens he abandoned it with his followers in spaceships and started to conquer worlds like our planet installing slavery and exploitation. in our case that begun with the egytptian dinasties, they were followers of satan, the first coming of satan to this planet was as osiris and they made the pyramids he was the snake of the genesis.
    this revelation also says that Jesus will come to India, there He will construct the celestial Jerusalem and will judge the world, he will controlthe divine spaceships, they will land on India and China. All the world will stop and will travel to India for his salvation, USA Europe will lose all their power and 108 countries headed by china will rule the world, USA and Europe will be cursed if they don’t give back to the rest of the world all what they have robbed in hundreds of years. they will try to kill the son of god with atomics bombs, but he will deactivate all kind of weapons.

    all this information is in this revelation of father Jehovah you should take a look here is the lonk

    • JC says:

      Wow, Kbelani… that’s the exact deception we are talking about. Please don’t believe that. What you said is the EXACT Antichrist propaganda. That the Communist Chinese will rule the world (you know China celebrates the “dragon/serpent, even dancing around in dragon suits during their festivals to worship the serpent.) The Antichrist will come from the demonic races (“aliens”) and set themselves up in India, just like in the days of the Vimana. The Christian nations of America and Europe will fight the Communists and the “aliens” (demon spawn hybrids/nephilim) So you are on the WRONG side. The Communists and the demonic aliens are not the heros, while the Christian nations are the evil ones. That is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Truth. You have read the Antichrist propaganda and have been deceived. May the Lord Jesus Christ save you and deliver you from this delusion. Amen.

  2. Albert t knight jr says:

    I have been watching and doing reserch for around 25yr : it has been the last six yr i have been on the enternet surfing for the SONS of LIGHT as your self. who has exit organize releasgin and keap the truth the truth will set you free. U. R. RIGHT thay have been here as farback as Gen:6 OR LONGER.THE HolySpirit is rasingup the GUARDIENS AND HE THAT HAS EYE WILL SEE ,EARS TO HEAR WILL HEAR.THE HUMAN RASE IS NOT IN TUCH WITH THEAR SPIRIT SIDE, ROMAN 8:1-6. PS KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP AND IF WE DIA TO SELF WE WILL rid up to (HIM SELF).

  3. al brooks says:

    I live in MOorpark would love to get together

    Alan 805 501 6382

  4. friendofgod7 says:

    Thanks 4 posting this =) God bless

  5. Patrick says:

    Thank the Lord He showed you the truth. Aliens are fallen angels!

  6. Paul says:

    I have heard Gary Stearman of “Prophecy in the News” (TV show) talk about aliens the same way, but in finer detail, with biblical explanations. I’ve also found L.A.Marzulli has some DVDs on the same subject, all very helpful. In addition, there’s another great resource I’d recommend highly, a book, “Genesis 6 Giants”. THAT one is a REAL eye-opener! God bless!

  7. nicole says:

    Please read my post about a Jewish Hasidic man who had a vision of the antichrist, false prophet, and then we were all raptured…he was in a hallway and opened a door and saw a purple alien and an angel shut it and said he was not supposed to see this.

  8. David says:

    you said that , I saw my bedroom full of 7 foot tall Angels

    One (of them) stepped forward and he looked like Jesus. He said that some of the aliens were the fallen angles and that they were working with the worlds governments to bring forth the Antichrist. ok I’m curious you said one of the angels that looked like Jesus said some of them were aliens were fallen angels ok what about the rest of them where actually aliens

  9. David says:

    and May Jesus bless you

  10. Peter John says:

    Hi Gary. I believe your experience was permitted by God in order to help you help others. I am blessed to know you were delivered and set free by the Truth, which is Jesus Christ. Bless you, brother.

  11. Me says:

    I would just like to say about the blog to be careful when you say Satan knows whats God knows as the Word declares Satan was cast from heaven partly for wanting to be like God. So he does not know everything God knows. He is extremely powerful and persuasive but not the equal of “I AM THAT I AM”

  12. Michel says: please send me a instruction to get rid of the visetor’s if you know and if you want help i can send you what i know okey it’s almost time

  13. phil says:

    I dont really know what to say.Interesting,perhaps,but the mind can play so many tricks.

  14. Spring says:

    I see that you are quarreling alot with people on here-try to not engage in that-humble yourself-we aint got but a few bullets left in this life. The people of Israel today are NOT the children of Israel from the Bible.

  15. How wonderful it would have been for you and David Flynn to have worked together. Here’s one of his last vids:

    Gary, please continue to be strong in these last days; there aren’t many who are willing to tell the real truth about what’s going on now and what is about to happen. During communion every morning, my husband and I are reading Psalm 91 — we are well aware of the days ahead and want to have every area of our lives covered by the Blood of Jesus. Maranatha, Maranatha, Lord Jesus, come quickly! God bless you, Gary.

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