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This is an email I have sent to several ministries

My name is Gary. I have an important story to tell you and I hope this email will reach you. I was raised in a Pentecostal church and have tried my best in the beginning to serve the Lord, however some things have happened to me that caused me to falter and
to almost loose my faith.

An Encounter with the Lord

I am going to tell you something that is almost unbelievable but it is true and I have photographic evidence to prove what I am about to tell you. First let me tell you who I am or was, I was a Fire Prevention officer for the city of Bakersfield California.Before this I worked for Shell Oil Company for nine years. I lost my job at shell and was unemployed for a year, so I began to fast and pray and at the end of ten days God spoke to me. It was 1 am in the morning. God asked me to go out and pray for the workmanship of my neighbors hands, so I said to God “ I’ll do it in the morning”. God’s voice said “pray for the neighbor”. And I said “I will in the morning please let me sleep.” Again God said “do it now or I will not let you sleep”.So I got up, got dressed, and went to my front door and said “God if that is really you, make him turn on his front porch light”. and the light came on. So I walked out into the street and said again just one more time “Lord if that is you make him come out to me and the door opened and he came out”. He was shocked and said “Gary what are you doing out here?” and I said “you probably will not believe me but God told me to pray for you” and I said I would in the morning but he said “no do it now” And my neighbor said “well you couldn’t pray for me in the morning because I am leaving at 4:30 a.m. for 3 months to attend a school for a new business I have just bought.” So I prayed for the man. (more…)



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These are the faces of two of the types of creatures I have video taped.

The images were caught on one of the first hidden surveillance cameras available. I took these images in 1996 to
1999. I first began to film my bedroom because I would awake to see small machines in the room and on many occasions there would be needle holes in my skin. I discussed what I had been seeing with my wife and a physiologist, I though maybe I was loosing my mind. The physiologist believed that I was having lucid dreams and he said there is nothing to worry about.

After the physical marks began to show I sought help of a different kind. I had a friend who owns a security company and I reluctantly told him the story and he suggested installing the hidden camera. He loaned it to me for about 6 months, It took hours of watching the nightly films and at first I saw nothing , however one day I new something had happened because not only did I see something but I had some needle holes in my chest and blood on my tee-shirt. I watched the film but saw nothing so in frustration I hit the remote control and it stopped on a face. The face looked left and right and was gone. The face was on just a few frames. In video there are 30 frames per second recorded so these creatures were moving outside of normal time. They did whatever to me in fractions of a second.

UFO photographed over my home

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This is a UFO that I photographed over my home January 4th 2011. I was doing some tests of my Pentax Kx digital camera. I did not see the object at the time that I took the picture.

Remote alien probe

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This is a picture of my home on Google maps street view. Notice the silver probe just outside the gate.We are being watched.